API Reference


persim.bottleneck Perform the Bottleneck distance matching between persistence diagrams.
persim.sliced_wasserstein Implementation of Sliced Wasserstein distance as described in Sliced Wasserstein Kernel for Persistence Diagrams by Mathieu Carriere, Marco Cuturi, Steve Oudot (https://arxiv.org/abs/1706.03358)
persim.heat Return the pseudo-metric between two diagrams based on the continuous heat kernel as described in “A Stable Multi-Scale Kernel for Topological Machine Learning” by Jan Reininghaus, Stefan Huber, Ulrich Bauer, and Roland Kwitt (CVPR 2015)

Persistence Images

persim.PersImage Initialize a persistence image generator.

Diagram Visualization

persim.plot_diagrams A helper function to plot persistence diagrams.
persim.bottleneck_matching Visualize bottleneck matching between two diagrams